2003 Dispatcher of the Year

The Management Team again received Dispatcher of the Year nominations from the dispatch staff. From those nominees, the Management Team selected Michael as the 2003 recipient of the Dispatcher of the Year Award in recognition of his continuously active role in the organization.

Mike joined the Authority in February 1998 and quickly demonstrated a willingness to be an active member of this organization. In February 1999, he was promoted to the position of Senior Dispatcher and in October 1999 he accepted the role of Communications Training Officer.

Mike has not stopped there. He is one of the original members of the Fire Incident Dispatcher Team and has actively pursued expanding the program to Tactical Incident Dispatcher, which includes responding to law enforcement calls.

Mike has played a major role in updating the Authority's Geofile and Advance Tactical Mapping Software by performing field address verifications to bring the database up to date. He has also been a member of the Law Enforcement Task Team and Dispatch Representative at bi-monthly Staff Meetings. He takes his role as a trainer seriously and can frequently be seen slipping in and out of Academy classes as he gets to know each and every trainee. He has also been a dispatch representative for a County Training Managers subcommittee consisting of representatives from each law enforcement agency in Santa Cruz County.

Mike is an avid surfer and vintage Volkswagen enthusiast. Mike can usually be found in the ocean or performing some sort of maintenance on his 40 year-old Volkswagen, when he's not hard at work.

National Dispatcher's Week 2003 was a solid week of celebrating. Celebrating included open house for User Agencies, Family Day, and treats from the Supervisors. Agencies again participated in a Cook-Off and prepared lunch or dinner for the on-duty dispatchers. The competition was judged by a panel that included city officials, police chiefs, the sheriff, retiring dispatchers and representatives of the media. All participants received 9-1-1 Cook-Off aprons and the winner received a very special plaque. Below are several photos of the various participants.

General Manager enjoys the cook off right along with the dispatchers.

A Dispatcher enjoying the "spread."

A Chief Deputy judging the cook off enjoys the meal with his agency's Dispatchers.

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