2004 Dispatcher of the Year

The Management Team again received Dispatcher of the Year nominations from the dispatch staff. From those nominees, the Management Team selected Wesley Grant as the 2004 recipient of the Dispatcher of the Year Award in recognition of his professionalism.

After a string of part-time jobs, Wes joined the Authority in November of 2001, at the age of 19.
He had originally hoped to become a law enforcement officer but was too young to qualify at
that time. Wes thought that dispatching would be a way to learn about law enforcement and prepare for a career in that discipline. Now Wes can’t see himself being anywhere else and believes that 9-1-1 dispatching fits him perfectly. Wes has achieved a level of respect from both his supervisors and his peers. Co-workers describe him as a “natural dispatcher” who is enthusiastic and talented beyond his years. Wes continues to set a high standard for new employees. He has learned a great deal in his two and a half year career and continues to stretch himself above and beyond what is required. Wes is also a trained Emergency Medical Dispatcher (EMD) and a member of the ProQA Project Team. Wes has achieved a level of respect that is quite extraordinary and he ex emplifies a level of professionalism that comes from a true love of his work. Like his co-workers, Wes understands how important dispatchers are in providing quick response to law, fire, and medical emergencies. Wes said "We are the first line of help for the public and make a difference when we do our job right."

Wes is a Santa Cruz native who was born in the old Santa Cruz Community Hospital and grew up in Live Oak, in the same house where his parents still live. He graduated from Soquel High School in 2000 and attended Cabrillo College for a year. Wes recently bought his first home and spends his free time riding dirt bikes and playing drums and guitar.

National Dispatcher's Week 2004 was a solid week of celebrating. Celebrating included open house for User Agencies, Family Day, and treats from the Supervisors. Agencies again participated in a Cook-Off and prepared lunch or dinner for the on-duty dispatchers. The competition was judged by a panel that included city officials, police chiefs, the sheriff, retiring dispatchers and representatives of the media. All participants received 9-1-1 Cook-Off aprons and the winner received a very special plaque. Below are several photos of the various participants.

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