2009 Dispatcher of the Year

Lisa Yee

A 2003 UC Santa Cruz graduate who began her career at the local 9-1-1 center just four years ago has been named the county's Dispatcher of the Year.

Lisa Yee, 27, was nominated by fellow dispatchers at the Santa Cruz Consolidated Emergency Communications Center (NetCom), and then selected from a pool of finalists by the management staff.

"(Yee) is an exellent dispatcher and call-taker," said Margaret Parker, one of NetCom's operations supervisors. "Her work quality and ethics are of a high standard and she willingly goes above and beyond."

Yee, a native of Oakland who now lives in Scotts Valley, earned a business and economics degree from UCSC in 2003. She worked part time in the cash control office at the Boardwalk during her senior year before taking a job as a bank teller after graduation. In the summer of 2004, Yee decided on a new career path, accepting a dispatch job at the Monterey County 9-1-1 center. Yee began her NetCom dispatching career in 2005.

"Being a teller wasn't really what I wanted to do," said Yee. "I knew some dispatchers, and I thought it would be interesting and different ... and it is. I like being able to help people without having to actually see all kinds of stuff."

Each year, NetCom honors a top employee who not only is a skilled dispatcher, but also treats citizens and public-safety personnel with "respect and care."

"It's always good to be recognized for the job that you do by supervisors and co-workers," said Yee. "I really like my job, and I really like helping the public. ... And I like that it's not the same every day. You're not dispatching the same calls every day."

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