2012 Dispatcher of the Year

Sean Schorovsky

Sean Schorovsky

Sean Schorovsky, who has worked at Santa Cruz Regional 9-1-1 for four years, has been named the Dispatcher of the Year for 2012.

Sean Schorovsky began his dispatching career as a 9-1-1 Public Safety Dispatcher with SCR911 in July 2008. Sean first distinguished himself within the organization during training, gaining the admiration of his instructors and classmates who would ask themselves "What Would Sean Do?" Sean has since joined the Training Unit and become a Certified Training Officer (CTO) in which role he now shares his knowledge and expertise with new hires. Sean's colleagues and supervisors routinely rely on all his skills, but especially his teamwork, on a daily basis.

All of Sean's training, skills, and abilities, coupled with his strong sense of teamwork, came to fruition on January 12, 2012, when he intuitively and quickly broadcast limited suspect vehicle information to field units pertaining to a knife assault that had just occurred. Directly attributable to Sean's actions, law enforcement personnel were able to immediately stop the suspect vehicle and render critical aid to an injured victim and arrest the suspects without further violence.

Sean was selected by his peers and unanimously endorsed by the Authority's management team to receive this award, and as such, it serves as a statement of appreciation for the qualities Sean possesses from all those who work with him on a daily basis.


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