2013 Dispatcher of the Year

Valerie Conner

Valerie Conner, who has worked at Santa Cruz Regional 9-1-1 since its inception in June 1996 and been a public safety dispatcher since 1984, has been named the Santa Cruz Regional 9-1-1 Dispatcher of the Year for 2013.

Valerie quickly established herself within the organization as a high performing public safety dispatcher with a strong desire to succeed and to help the community. She has selflessly offered her care and support to coworkers as a member of the Peer Support Team. She has used her knowledge, skills, and expertise to perform her duties in a responsible, professional, and courteous manner on a daily basis, as evidenced by the numerous citations for meritorious performance awarded to her throughout her tenure.

All of Valerie's training, skills, and abilities came to fruition on February 26, 2013, when, as a primary Santa Cruz Police radio dispatcher, she intuitively and quickly suspected possible danger after routine radio transmissions went unanswered. Following her instincts, she immediately directed other officers to the scene which led to a quick end to this event and prevention of any further danger to public safety officials and our community

Valerie was selected by her peers and unanimously endorsed by the Authority's management team to receive this award, and as such, it serves as a statement of appreciation for the qualities Val possesses from all those who work with her on a daily basis.


495 Upper Park Rd.
Santa Cruz, CA 95065
(831) 471-1000

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