2018 Dispatcher of the Year

Photo of Andrew Davidson


Andrew Davidson---who began his career as a 9-1-1 Public Safety Dispatcher in San Benito County and came to Santa Cruz Regional 9-1-1 in October of 2011---has been named the Santa Cruz Regional 9-1-1 Dispatcher of the Year for 2018.

Andrew has consistently functioned as a high level law, fire and EMS dispatcher utilizing an efficient, calm approach that can be relied upon for quality.  Andrew has displayed initiative in the development of his knowledge base and continues to expland his role, recently filling in as an Acting Lead Dispatcher for three months. 

Andrew, over the past year, has gone above and beyond in his role as certified Communications Training Officer (CTO) and Academy Instructor.  Andrew has been an integral part of the development and deployment of training for a new Query System and our new Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD).  Andrew served as subject matter expert for the development of our new system, created ongoing training documents, and developed best practices for staff---all while serving in his primary role as a Public Safety Dispatcher.

Andrew was selected by his peers and unanimously endorsed by the Authority’s management team to receive this annual award, and as such, it serves as a statement of appreciation for the qualities Andrew possesses from all those who work with him on a daily basis.



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