Dennis Kidd, General Manager, 831-471-1033

Amethyst Uchida, Systems Manager, 831-471-1035

Stephanie French, Operations Division Manager and Custodian of Records, 831-471-1024

Melody MacDonald, Administrative Supervisor, 831-471-1005

Sean Schorovsky, Operations Supervisor, 831-471-1006

Tammy Spath, Operations Supervisor, 831-471-1003

Wolff Bloss, Systems Supervisor , 831-471-1019

Tom Ginsburg, Sr. Systems Technician, 831-471-1017

Nicola Torchio, Sr. Systems Technician, 831-471-1034

Gilberto Oros, Sr. Systems Technician, 831-471-1032

Gabriella Langer, GIS Technician, 831-471-1036

Beth Wann, Office Supervisor, 831-471-1008

Tina Bisgaard, Sr. Administrative Assistant, 831-471-1018

Maria Wallen, Sr. Administrative Assistant, 831-471-1009

Office Staff, 831-471-1000 (Contact for general questions, recruitment questions, etc.)

Click on any name above to launch an email. Email addresses for the administrative staff use the same format: (e.g.,


Santa Cruz Regional 9-1-1
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