A Citizen's Academy is not currently scheduled. For more information, contact the Support Services Division at 831-471-1006 and or send an e-mail stating your interest and you will be notified by e-mail when the next Citizen's Academy is scheduled. Download an application now!

Our on-line Citizen's Academy for 9-1-1 is always available. This course is designed for individuals who are interested in the class but unable to attend due to time constraints and other committments. An application form is required. This file is in pdf format and requires Adobe Acrobat to view it. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat, click here to access the website where you can download it.


As an organization formed under a Joint Powers Agreement, SCR 911 is interested in improving its relationship with the community. This academy is our first step in this direction. It is a training opportunity for community-minded people who live or work in the Counties of Santa Cruz and San Benito. The Citizen's Academy for 9-1-1 is also open to anyone interested in a position with our agency.

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Professional Orientation: Find out how SCR911 is structured, what it takes to be a dispatcher and how dispatchers are trained.

Call Taking: Find out how 9-1-1 calls are directed to the Center and what happens with a call from the time it's answered to dispatch. Understand why dispatchers ask a lot of questions and techniques they use to calm irrational, abuse, or hysterical callers to obtain information for responding officers.

Law Dispatching: Learn how we know which officers to send and the demographics of our Law User Agencies. Understand how Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) makes our job easier.

Fire Dispatching: Understand how fire calls differ from law enforcement calls and the demographics of our Fire User Agencies. Learn about our Incident Dispatcher Program and its importance to the community.

Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD) Program: Find out what the EMD Program is and how it works. Understand dispatching determinants and pre-arrival instructions.

Quality Improvement Program: Learn what we are doing to serve our community the best we can.

Observation Time: Participants are required to spend four hours plugged in with a dispatcher and observe calls coming and going. This time may be scheduled at your convenience. Participants may also spend time riding along with the agency in your jurisdiction. The agency ride along is optional.


All instructors are members of Santa Cruz Regional 911 staff and highly trained in their different fields. They will share their knowledge, enabling you to learn about the diversity of 9-1-1 dispatching and how the User agencies work together.


Potential candidates for the Citizen's Academy for 9-1-1 must meet the following criteria:

  • Minimum age of 18 years
  • Live or work in Santa Cruz County or applying for a job with SCR911
  • No felony convictions

Click here to download an application for the classroom version of the Citizen's Academy for 9-1-1. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print the application. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat, click here to access the website where you can download it.

Completed applications may be mailed or faxed to our agency at any time. Persons selected to attend the academy will be notified by mail and/or phone approximately two weeks prior to the beginning of classes. Applications received after the class has been filled will be retained and considered for future sessions.

There is a nominal fee for class registration. Frequently asked questions about the Citizen's Academy for 9-1-1.


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