Training Downloads

Each of the following files are in Microsoft Word format.


Puzzles and Searches:



Blank Template Active Listening
Call Taking Simulations Coaching Problems
Corpus Delecti Crime Scenarios
Crisis Caller Critical incident scenarios
Critical incident scenarios 1 Critical incident scenarios 2
Critical Thinking Supervisors Critical Thinking Trainers
Dispatch that call Domestic violence
Effective listening scenarios EMD- Echo
Ethical Dilemma Ethics
Hostage barricade How would you handle it?
Missing person- high profile Missing persons
Mock Trial Reassuring caller
Role play simulation Supervisor problem solving
Supervisor-Employee effective listening Tactical scenarios- with officers
Tactical scenarios Trainer evaluations
Training Officer-critical thinking Training situation analysis
Training techniques for Supervisors Training the Sergeant
Training the Trainer Work of a terrorist

Training Scripts:

Instruction Techniques

Blank Template Action with Reasion Activities with a Theme
All together now Analogy Bologna Article Review
Baseball Brainstorming Break Time Humor
Buzz words Classroom poker Concentration
Crossword puzzles Debate Forbidden words
From list to learning Game Show Pro Got balls?
Go fish Jeopardy Jeapordy cards
Justify what was said Koosh toss Make a list
Memories Modernization Noisemaker Review
Nudge your neighbor Outburst Parking lot
Pass the question Pass the bomb PBJ
Peel and orange for life Pictionary Perspectives
Policy and Procedure Professionalism Scattergories-instructors
Scatergories Scavenger hunt Scenario Board
Scripts Split ear multi-tasking Stand up- sit down
Strenghening the weak link Stumper Taboo
Take a break Tap in Tap out Trivia Question
Turnaway Visualization Wheel of fortune
Who's the trainer here anyway? Word search puzzles You're in control now


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