Sample Task List

Developing a certification/task list is not as difficult as one may think. It does take some concentrated effort and two (or more) heads are always better than one.

The first step is to identify general categories - equipment, geography, call taking, radio dispatching, etc. Then, given each general category, make a list of critical tasks a dispatcher must competently demonstrate in these areas. Leave room after each for a date, trainee and trainer initials.

Once you have the task list, identify your standards or tie them in to policy and procedure sections. Then ask yourself, "what is the minimum acceptable level of performance for this task?" For example: Equipment: Operation of the fax machine. Standard: Able to successfully complete a fax transmission without assistance.

Compile your lists and compile your standards. Provide your trainers with copies. A certification/ task list should accompany and follow any employee in training. As the employee demonstrates competency, they are "signed off."

There are many styles and types of certification/task lists. Some may include a column for shown by and demonstrated competency which require initials. Others may merely be an outline for the trainer to follow. Below is an example of one type of task list.




1.1 Overview of the CTO Program

1.2 Tour of the Facilities
1.3 Door/Gate Codes

1.4 Work Schedules


1.4.1 Time Sheets


1.4.2 Time Off Requests/Shift Trades


1.4.3 Overtime Authorization


1.4.4 On-call

1.5 Chain of Command

1.6 Union Contract

1.7 Work Rules


1.8 Policies and Procedures

1.9 User Agencies
1.10 Board of Directors/User Committees/Task Teams



2.1 Clear Text


2.2 Common Abbreviations


2.3 Phonetic Alphabet


2.4 Incident Types

2.5 Common Phrases


2.5.1 Sheriff's Office


2.5.2 Police Department


2.5.3 Harbor Patrol


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