Sample Workbook

Developing a training workbook takes a lot of planning and development but will provide a solid, effective training tool. Our training workbook is divided into topics and there are three sections in each topic. The first section is the training specifications. This section identifies the training objectives, topics, time allotted, required learning activities and optional learning activities.

We have carried our training workbook one step further by identifying what a trainee must know or do to successfully complete the training. With the use of color printers, we print information the trainee is required to know in red. For example: To be successful, the trainee must meet the objectives. The objectives are printed in red. As another example, dispatchers must know a number of penal and vehicle codes, but not all of them. The ones we require they know are printed in red.

Use of written exercises as a learning activity in a training workbook serves many purposes. It can provide interactive classroom activities, It may serve to supplement training missed due to absences of a student and it can be used to reinforce or refresh prior training.

Putting handouts in a workbook can save time, can allow the student to become familiar with the material in advance of the class and makes for a very nice, polished, total training package.

Click here to download our workbook section on Telephone Procedures. This file is 140k in size and in a .pdf format. Adobe Acrobat is required to view the program.


For more information on workbooks, contact our Training Supervisor. Tell us what you are looking for and we will be glad to help you out if we can.


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